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The Kensington Advantage Lawn Care Plan - Fertilizing and Weed Control

We offer:

  • 6 visits for a total of 13 treatments – April to October
  • Safe treatments with slow-release fertilizers
  • A soil check to identify and fix deficiencies
  • Environmentally responsible treatments with a focus on healthy roots
  • A balanced fertility for a healthy, thick and green lawn that reduces weeds, insects and drought symptoms
  • A plan that includes an aeration, over-seeding, top dressing, fertilizer, weed control and soil check
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Mulch and Soil - We Deliver and Apply It For You

Cedar mulch is a must for garden beds. Mulch keeps out weeds, helps maintain moisture, prevents soil from blowing away, and is a great contrast for plants.

We don’t just deliver topsoil and mulch, we will also spread/rake it, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

We Love and Understand Turf

Let's debunk some myths about lawn care:

  • Don’t be fooled. Just because a lawn is green on top, doesn’t always mean that it is a totally healthy lawn.
  • April 1st is not automatically the date to start treatments. Some companies start too early, while the soil is still too wet and cold. We don't like to work on a frost-covered lawn as this can damage our equipment. As well, if the lawn is too wet for proper aeration, this can damage the root system. Each year nature tells us when to start and end our season.
  • Dates for treatments may vary due to weather cycles, insects, and diseases. Proper timing of treatments gives you the best opportunity for a great lawn.
  • Beware of young door-knockers that have little experience in lawn care, and ask to see their proof of insurance.

We Are Different In Many Ways

Our lawn care plans include:

  • A root and soil check. Once we know the nutrient levels in your soil, we can create treatments that are specific to your lawn
  • An aeration or de-thatch treatment
  • A compost treatment
  • Slow release, safe fertilizer treatments. (treatments targeted in early spring, late spring and fall)
  • Weed removal at every visit, hand-pulling and the use of safe liquid iron (Fiesta)
  • Six inspection reports with a 10+ point checklist: turf, trees, shrubs, weeds, insects, and diseases
  • A thorough, quality job because we take our time to do a good job

Do not waste your money on any regular maintenance if your lawn really needs to be replaced. If it's mostly weeds and bare soil, we may be able to help.

We carefully manage many aspects of your property. We will carefully monitor and document them and make the necessary recommendations.

We use only the highest quality, safe products to create and maintain a great lawn - no small print - no automatic renewals - no telemarketing - no spam. Pricing based on full season - lower prices for partial season.

1011 Upper Middle Road, East, Unit 1227
Oakville, Ontario L6H 5Z9

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